N e w    L i f e    A c a d e m y



The Vision

New Life Academy offers young people from Kindergarten 4 through 6th grade, a challenging academic program featuring small classes, leadership opportunities, and a nurturing family-like environment based upon the foundation of Judeo-Christian Scripture. NLA Crusaders will display the highest levels of leadership, discipline, initiative and integrity. New Life Academy welcomes enrollment applications from children regardless of race, creed or financial status. 

Our Mission Statement: 

To create a leadership culture wherein school age young people may pursue and acquire a world class education which will empower them to successfully reach their God-created potential.

Benefits of a Christian Higher Education

Education with a Biblical focus

A smaller student body allows for better attention from the school's faculty and administration. Size and the tendency of believers to watch out for one another can provide encouragement as well as accountability to a young person facing new challenges and opportunities. Certainly, a state school is interested in encouraging students, but a school with a Christian mission statement will be better equipped to meet these needs





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